Furniture Restoration Services

Our range of restoration treatments will bring your much loved furniture back to life.

  • Structural repairs to joints, framework and fractured components
    Loose frame joints are a common problem particularly in chairs but also in most types of furniture. In addition to general wear and tear timber dries out over time, components shrink and then become loose. Sometimes the unseen parts of joints may have sustained a fracture or even have been damaged by woodworm.  Repairing loose structures is not merely a matter of squirting some modern white pva glue into a joint as is the practice of some. My approach is to dismantle  the piece as required in order to determine the exact cause of the problem. Old glue will be cleaned from the components and repairs effected before re-assembly using traditional hide glue which is reversible should future repairs be necessary.
  • Replacement of missing components including veneer, decorative inlay, mouldings and turned components
    Decorative mouldings, pieces of carved wood, inlay, veneer and turned components such as finials are all items that are often dislodged and need replacing. If these are still available they can be re-attached. If not replacements can be made and blended-in to match. Old timber of the same type is always sourced and used in my work.
  • Replacement of baize 
    Baize from card tables and brushing slides can easily be replaced if badly damaged.
  • French polishing and traditional surface finishes
    Polished surfaces are easily damaged and can be revived or in extreme cases may need to be completely  re-polished. Water stains, ink stains and paint damage can all be rectified.  Dovetail restoration specialises in traditional finishes such as French polishing using shellac, as well as wax and oil finishes. Please note we no longer re–polish dining tables or restore modern finishes and lacquers
  • Replacement of missing handles, castors, escutcheons, locks, keys and other hardware
    Metal handles, knobs, escutcheons, hinges, catches, stays and locks can be replaced using authentic replicas sourced from specialists. These are cast from moulds taken from original examples. New metalwork is aged to blend in and give it the appearance of an original item.
  • Woodworm treatment
    Woodworm damage is a common problem. Badly damaged timber may need to be replaced and in other cases it may be necessary to treat the furniture with insecticide. In extreme case specialist treatment by a third party may be necessary. Should you require advice on this please contact me.
  • Gilding restoration
    Restoration of both oil and water gilded objects is offered.
  • Traditional upholstery
    Whether a complete re-upholstery is required or just a replacement of the top fabric cover this can be arranged. Any restoration to the furniture frames and polished surfaces will first be performed by Dovetail!
  • Rush, Danish cord and Cane seating                                         Traditional hand woven seating using Thames fresh water rush, Danish cord or hand woven split cane is offered.