A new back-splat for a Windsor chair

Missing back splat and broken ended spindle

In addition to the broken ended rear spindle shown laying on the chair seat, this chair has lost the lower section of the back splat which normally sits below the bow back arm frame and the chair seat.

In order to  create a replacement for the back splat some idea of its shape is required and fortunately an image of a chair whose upper back splat was identical to that of the subject chair was found in a reference book. As an aside the book identified this chair as being from Yorkshire and made sometime between 1840 and 1880.

The only difficulty with the image was its size which meant that the lower splat part was only 7mm high!  Consequently a full size drawing had to be produced in which the design was scaled up to match the size of the gap on the chair frame between the seat and the bow back rail.

A suitable piece of new Elm timber was selected for the new splat and a scanned copy of the full sized design was glued on top before cutting to shape using a band saw and fret saw.

The replacement splat was cut out and its surface prepared in readiness for colouring and polishing.

The newly made splat against the master drawing

A ‘dry’ (i.e. without glue) test fit was performed:

A dry test fitting of the new but unpolished splat

After colour matching  and polishing and performing all other repairs the splat was duly fitted into place.

Back in one piece!
























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