Oak Dutch Dresser, c19th


This piece of furniture comprises an upper gallery of shelves on top of a base unit comprising a single cupboard with a frieze drawer above.  It is extensively carved.

Oak Dutch Dresser - Before Restoration

Base section - before

Oak Dutch Dresser - Before Restoration (Image 2)

Upper section - before

The top section cornice was falling apart as was the cornice of the base.  The top of the base unit was badly warped and was coming free.

One of the two carved figurines which support the pediments of the upper section was also fractured.  The original Dutch style plinth was largely missing.  In addition the whole piece was filthy, seemingly having been stored in a barn or similar.

Oak Dutch Dresser - Before Restoration (Image 3)

One of two carved figures.

Oak Dutch Dresser - Before Restoration (Image 4)

Base section showing warped top.


The cornice of both the upper and lower sections were dismantled and the top of the lower section removed.

The structure was re-constructed and new components made where missing.

Oak Dutch Dresser - Remedy (Image 1)

Work In Progress- Upper part of base section

Oak Dutch Dresser - Remedy (Image 2)

Removed sections of the cornice.

Once structurally sound  a new plinth was made in a more simple style as requested by the client such that it did not protrude as much and be a  hazard to the passer-by!

The piece was finally given a thorough clean inside and out and a good wax polishing.


Structurally sound and looking very respectable.

Restored Antique Oak Dutch Dresser (Image 1)

Base section after restoration

Restored Antique Oak Dutch Dresser (Image 2)

Upper section after restoration

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