Chinese Cupboard made from rosewood

Chinese Cupboard made of rosewood - before restoration

Before- In need of some attention


This cabinet had several problems. Structurally the joints were loose and it was falling apart. There were gaps between the panels and their frames due to shrinkage of the timber and warping of the frame members. One door frame joint had been fractured and was held together using sticky tape. As can be seen in the photograph the cabinet was also badly sun faded and its polish had deteriorated so much that little remained.


The effect of polishing a Chinese cupboard made of rosewood.

Untouched & re-polished panels

The cabinet was completely dismantled. Where gaps existed between the panels and their frames these were also dismantled further and fillets of timber fitted to over come the gaps. The fractured frame joint required a new joint to be cut and ‘let-in’ to the frame member. The cabinet was subsequently re-assembled, colour added and polished.

The difference a bit of polishing can make! The small image on the left shows one of the doors as yet untouched in front of a side panel that has been re-polished.

The finished cabinet :

Completed and Safely Returned.


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